The Yate - Genieri Link

The Yate-Genieri Link is a friendship Link between the communities of Yate in South Gloucestershire and the village of Genieri in the republic of The Gambia. Established in 1988, it is now a registered charity and is responsible for a number of joint projects with the village. These include:


~ staffing and resourcing a Day Care Centre

~ staffing and resourcing a Primary Health Care Centre

~ establishing and maintaining extensive vegetable gardens

~ providing a satellite TV to generate income by charging for watching programmes

~ introducing solar-powered lights in every compound

Holidaying in the Gambia?

The best known operator of tours to The Gambia is Gambia Experience which has flights to Banjul from Birmingham, Gatwick and Manchester.

Tendaba Camp

This is a recognised lodge, 100km east of Banjul, just off the road which leads to Genieri. Its brochure mentions trips to nearby villages of historic interest including Genieri. A google search will throw up a number of reviews, including Trip Advisor,  and agencies running tours using the camp.


If you do choose The Gambia for a holiday, please get in contact with the Link first - you would always be welcome in Genieri, particularly if you live in Yate. We can also recommend a very good tour guide from Genieri who works in Banjul, the capital called Sutay Sanneh who can be contacted on 00220 7704983










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Our Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer may be contacted via:


Yate Town Council
Poole Court
BS37 4PP

If you have any queries, want more information or want to be involved please phone us: 07837 588362




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Registered Charity number 1057814. Last updated September 16 2020