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  Visit to Genieri 2022

Two of our committee members travelled to Genieri at the end of March, to re-establish old friendships and to observe progress on the projects we have been supporting.

   The Women’s Gardens have been without water since the beginning of January, so the land is cleared, but dry and impossible to cultivate.

  Only one or two enterprising ladies had grown some vegetables in their own compounds, and were selling them in the shade of a tree in a village street.


We are thrilled to report that the Community Link recently, and at great expense, replaced the pump in the ‘Womens’ Gardens.

   The women of the village were shocked at the cost, and have decided to repay half of the money through small monthly contributions derived from the sale of their vegetables. There will ba round 100 women working plots in the Gardens, and they want to pay each 100 Dalasis(about £1.30) each month. 



The upgrading of the Solar pump, piping and controls was only possible with the help of associated charities and the promise of repayment of part of the cost by the village

Not only this, but they have decided to continue paying a same amount each month into a Garden Fund – so that whenever the fence needs repair, or the pump breaks again, they will be able to pay for it themselves. This is a first MASSIVE step towards sustainability and the village will derive huge benefit both in improved diet and improved income.

  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Community Link, and following the progress of a rural village in one of the poorest countries in the world, please get in touch!

Thanks for the laptops and phones

 Following our appeal for laptops and phones, friends and the Yate Community we have been able to give three fully functioning laptops to individuals in Genieri. Two phones have also been provided  to update the teacher's phone and the student Community Nurse's phone. Our massive thanks go to those who donated these items.

Gambian Supper - Delicious!

The recent Gambian supper at Rangeworty Village Hall

Marian Gilpin writes . . .

‘What a brilliant evening we had! It was so good to be able to get together again after two years of restrictions! Many thanks to all the cooks who produced Beef Domoda, Chicken Yassa, Jollof rice, Red vegetable stew, and Vegetable Domoda! It was all delicious and It was all consumed!!


Thanks to The Codrington Arms for cooking the plain rice! Thanks to Tesco for the donation of bread! The Chairman gave a brief update, with pictures, on the three ongoing projects in the Village of Genieri - the Village School, the Women's Gardens and the Primary Healthcare Centre, outlining both amazing successes and occasional setbacks. The whole evening raised £773, which together with a donation of £500 from Yate Rotary Club, will provide salaries for our teachers and health workers in Genieri for six months. Big thanks to everyone for coming!’



If you wish to donate towards the link's continuing work click on the donate button below and enter the amount you would like to contribute.







The Primarly Healthcare Centre is now well stocked thanks to the management of Alimaney and Alagie

We shall be funding training course for healthcare worker Alagie at Mansakonko College. He, together with Alimamey run the Healthcare Centre which is becoming more and more self-sustaining, thanks to the modest charges introduced over the last year.


Women's Gardens







With the peanut harvest complete seedlings raised earlier are now being transferred to the main garden

Now the peanut harvest is complete the women are turning their attention to their gardens. The seedlings which had been started in their compounds are being transferred to the gardens where the fences have been repaired and are secure, plots have been marked out and the soil tilled. The watering system which is vital to successful crops is generally functioning well.


100 Club -Latest winners

December 2021

Ticket No    Winner                                Amount

85                Tony Bliss                           £50

21                Chloe Newman                   £20

05                Marian Heiffer                     £5   


November 2021

Ticket No    Winner                                Amount

63                 Izzy Jack                            £30   

95                 Helen Newman                  £10

70                 Brian Henderson                  £5


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- become a member of the Yate-Genieri Link. Membership £10 per person per year. Please contact Margaret Newman at Tel: 01454 250505

- become a member of the 100 Club whch runs from January 1st each year. Please contact Celia Zlobec 01454 776326



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