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Skydive Challenge

One of the Yate- Genieri Community Link committee members has faced his fears and challenged himself to raise money to help feed the village of Geneiri – by undertaking a Skydive from 15,000ft. (that’s a terrifying freefall for 60 seconds and then landing with a parachute) Peter McNaughton signed up for this challenge 9 months ago but the weather was never quite right - until Saturday 13th June at Dunkeswell airfield in Devon.  Now mission accomplished.

Peter’s aim is to raise enough money to repair the fence surrounding the Genieri village vegetable Gardens (area 1 hectare).  At present the women can’t grow vegetables to  provide their families with a more nutritious diet, because without a secure fence and iron gates, animals break in and eat the growing crops.

We have already provided a borehole to bring water to the Gardens. Now £1,600 is needed for new fencing.

He said before boarding the plane, ‘I’ve never done anything like this before, but when I think of how much I spend on food per week, and the variety of foods I have to choose from, I can’t stand by and do nothing – I am, though, totally terrified  ….’

Pete says a big 'thank you' to everyone who has contribute so far. The original target of £500 was reached early on and the total is over £1,000 - so the next aim is £1,500! Justgiving page is still open so it is not too late to help achieve that sum.


Primary Healthcare Centre Flourishes

Alagie and Alimaney continue to run the Primary Healthcare Centre efficiently and the village is very happy with their work. In fact its reputaion is spreading and patients are appearing from other villages, and even being referred from Kaiaf Clinic if it does not have the medicines needed!


Day Care Centre news

 We learned during the week that the Day Care Centre will reopened on October 19th in line with the Gambia's guidance for all schools. Wearing of face masks will be required, classes will be no bigger than 25, there will be no playing during the lunch break and every child will have their temperatgure taken each day. As yet there have been no cases if the virus in the village, thanks in part to the government’s very strict lockdown.  

   However the situation in the country as a whole is not so good with a number of cases reported on and near the coast. 

  The lockdown has brought considerable hardship to the village, as support from the government in the form of food has been minimal. This is where we have been able to help, so together with Jimmy Houston’s organisation in Scotland, using funds from the recent crowd funding appeals we have been able to send enough rice to keep the village from starvation.Our most recent rice contribution was for £188 worth in mid-September. A similar request has been made for October.


Big Thank You

  It was committee member Toni McNaugton who took the initiative in launching our crowd-funding appeals and the results were extraordinary. The funds raised matched what we would have achieved in a normal year. Our heartfelt thanks go to Toni and all of you for your generosity.



  Since our last newsletter we have had the Annual General Meeting of the Link, as a result of which a number of changes have taken place. We were very sorry to say goodbye to Jez Truelove who has been a stalwart worker for the Link almost since its inception and has made a number of visits to the village with Hilary, his wife. Richard Gilpin has become our Treasurer and Celia Zlobec has taken over running the 100 Club, Marian Gilpin, our chair, has assumed responsibility for communications with the village, Hilary Truelove continues as secretary, Graham Newman compiles the Newsletter and continues to administer the website, and Margaret Newman is in charge of memberships. Yate Council is represented on the committee by Margaret Marshall.  As always we are keen to welcome new members to the committee and to join us in the very worthwhile work we do.


Women’s Garden revival

Work is underway to revive the Women’s Gardens after their annual ‘rest’ brought about by the need for the women to take part in the peanut harvest. We would dearly like cultivation to be continuous throughout the year. As it is, limited crops are being grown in people’s compounds. However this year's planting is underway and the fencing has been repaired.

LeftThe Garden previously                           RightPreparations under way for this season


Looking ahead, we will need to spend money on the watering system. Whilst the gardens are currently well-watered by the rains, when the dry season arrives, there will be no water to continue growing vegetables. The borehole and associated pumping system, powered by a set of solar panels, has failed for the second time, and in consultation with Gam-Solar in Banjul, the problem has been identified as an inadequate pump, installed in good faith by another charitable organisation, but now needing replacement. We are working with Jimmy Houston in Scotland, and with the Village Development Committee to find a way of funding the work.


Malaria Support


  Alongside the problems brought about by Covid-19, our commitment to battling Malaria continues. In response to a recent request for further supplies of Coartem treatment for adults and children we have sent more supplies, a box of testing kits and Paracetamol at a cost of £208. In this we work with Dr Sillah from the neighbouring village of Kaiaf.


The Daycare Centre Wall

Day Care Centre walls were originally built with no foundations so weakened by the arriving rains and a strong wind, a section fell down. As we were concerned about the security of the Day Care Centre compound we have sent money to repair it. The village has provided the labour and we have provided the materials. 

The tractor, which is owned communally with three other villages, delivered sand, gravel and cement and this time the wall will have proper foundations. Once the work is completed and we have assurance that the school compound is secure, and lockdown is finally lifted, then the playground equipment, constructed by an iron worker in the Capital, can be delivered and installed. Exciting prospect!

  The play equipment which was bought in March was delivered in September and has now been installed.

Just some of the items of play equipment now installed at the

Day Centre Centre


We are optimistic that in 2021 we shall be able to resume our fund-raising which would include the annual ‘Taste of the Gambia’ evening in the early part of the year.

100 Club -Latest winners


October 2021

Ticket No    Winner                                Amount

67                 Jon Brooke                          £20   

104               Mike and Geraldine Bryer  £10

02                 Andy Dixon                        £5


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How You Can Help

- become a member of the Yate-Genieri Link. Membership £10 per person per year. Please contact Margaret Newman at Tel: 01454 250505

- become a member of the 100 Club whch runs from January 1st each year. Please conatc Celia Zlobec



Chair: Marian Gilpin, 2, Wickham Clse, Chipping Sodbury BS37 6NH

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Secretary: Hilary Turelove 8, Partridge Close BS37 7RN

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TreasurerRichard Gilpin, 2, Wickham Close, Chipping Sodbury BS37 6NH



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