The Yate-Genieri Link is friendship Link between the communities of Yate in South Gloucestershire and the village of Genieri in The Republic of The Gambia. Established in 1988 it is now a registered charity and is responsible for a number of self-sustaining projects.

Its chairman, Secretary and Treasurer may be contacted at:

Yate Town Council, Poole Court, Yate BS37 4PP

Alternatively, ring 01454 880541. E-mail:

Holidaying in the Gambia?
The best known operator of tours to The Gambia is Gambia Experience which has flights to Banjul from Birmingham, Gatwick and Manchester.

Tendaba Camp
This is a recognised lodge 100km East of Banjul just off the road which leads to Genieri. Its brochure mentions trips to nearby villages of historic interest including Genieri. A google search will throw up a number of reviews and agencies including Trip Advisor running tours using the camp.

See Genieri on-screen at:,-4.064941&sspn=12.657515,28.125&ie=UTF8&ll=13.413687,-15.617838&spn=0.005082,0.006866&t=h&z=17  

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