There is a serious outbreak of malaria in Genieri and we are asking for your help in providing medicines to alleviate the worst symptoms.

It is the wet season in The Gambia, when the number of people who suffer from malaria is at its highest. This year malaria is affecting more people than normal and we have received the very sad news that an 18 year old in Genieri has died from a serious form of malaria with complications. This young man was also one of the students sponsored by the Yate – Genieri Link to attend the school at Kaiaf.
  Foday Dampha, Headteacher at the Genieri Day Care Centre says that there are currently 10 adults and 2 children affected by malaria.

Genieri Health Care Centre

   Malaria is a life-threatening disease. Symptoms include intense headaches, very high fever, nausea and muscle pain with possible life-threatening complications including organ failure and anaemia.

   Over the years the Link has provided hundreds of bednets which have reduced the incidence of malaria in the village, but clearly the nets can only protect against the parasite-carrying mosquitoes at night.
   The British High Commission in The Gambia has advised that Coartem reduces symptoms and is now available locally. A simple treatment - just 24 tablets over the course of three days.
   However, Coartem only costs £9 for an adult and £4.50 for a child, but this is way beyond the means of villagers in Genieri. The village already has a Primary Health Care worker who we support with a small salary and there is now a clinic with a Doctor in nearby Kaiaf who can properly diagnose malaria attacks.




Alagi KK Sanyang (L), our Health Care Assistant with the Doctor from Kaiaf

How You Can Help
We have already sent money for enough courses of Coartem to treat the latest victims but our normal fundraising does not cover such an emergency.
So we are now launching an URGENT appeal for some extra funds so that we can ensure a supply of treatments for malaria in the village this year and in the future.
   If you are able to help by donating £9 for an adult’s course of treatment or £4.50 for a child’s treatment please:
Either send a cheque made payable to The Yate – Genieri Link to:
J Truelove, 8 Partridge Close, Yate BS37 7RN
Or email Jez Truelove at for the bank details to make a BAC transfer
with your surname as the reference
Many thanks


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