Many thanks to everyone who donated to the recent malaria appeal which we launched in response to a request for help from Foday Dampha following the sudden death of a young mana in the village from complications arising from a serious form of malaria, as well as a general increase in the number of sufferers during this wet season.


The appeal has been more successful than we ever hoped for, thanks to the generosity of so many people, and we raised just over £1,000 in just a few weeks. As a result, we have been able to very quickly send £300 to pay for doses of a new medicine which relieves the more serious symptoms of malaria. We may yet need to send more funds during the remainder of this wet season which should be finishing soon.


The next representatives of the Yate Link who visit the village will also investigate how many beds are lacking bed nets at the moment, which protect people from the mosquitoes whilst they are sleeping, and we will allocate some of our reserves to providing replacements as a preventative measure.


So, thanks to your generosity, we are now able to close this appeal because we have a reserve of funds which will be kept ready for future outbreaks of malaria this year and next.


Thank you



Genieri Health Care Centre



Alagi KK Sanyang (L), our Health Care Assistant with the Doctor from Kaiaf

100 Club

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The 100 Club yields a eleven monthly bonuses to winning subscribers. By contributing £10 at the beginning of the year their names are entered in the draw.

Of the funds raise over half must be alloted to the Charity the remainder being available as prizes.


November 2018

Jan Leese                  £30

Monica Bellamy         £15

Philippa Scantlebury  £10

Kathleen Barrow        £10


December 2018

 Samuel Scantlebury £50

Lorraine Lambert       £30

Jenny Powell             £10

Chloe Newman          £10 

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