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The women's Gardens in Genieri recent featured on national television in The Gambia





New vegetable gardens

begin production

Good news from Genieri: Foday Dampha, who co-ordinates all of the Link projects in Genieri has sent pictures and information about how the new vegetable gardens are beginning to produce crops for the village.

Sorrel, okra, onion, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and aubergine plus something called ‘bitter tomato” are all being grown. As you can see from the photographs, the new gardens cover a very large area and has been divided into hundreds of beds by Sulayman Sanneh, the Garden Manager, and shared between approximately 40 women from the village. Peppers are the most popular crop and most of the vegetables are used by the women to feed their families. However, there has been a surplus of sorrel and okra and this has been sold from the village market stall or in the market at Soma, the nearest town.

The Link has also sent funds for tools and watering cans which can be seen in the pictures, as well as a storeroom.

With the new solar-powered borehole, the gardens can be watered all year round and we look forward to seeing the gardens develop and flourish.


Meanwhile Sulayman Sanneh, who has just completed a two-year agriculture course at The Gambia College funded by the Link, has sent this message: 


“Greeting to all members of the Link as today mark the end of our final exam, please extend my best regard and happiness to all members in the Link. I

appreciate all the offer they spend on me and I promise the Link that I will serve the community of Genieri as expected. I'm happy today and I'm ready to serve the village with the learning I have from the college. Thanks to everyone.”





Sulayman Sanneh and the women gardeners 

Sulayman, like so many students around the world, is now awaiting his results ....


This year’s Open garden on the first weekend of July, also hosted by Margaret and Graham Newman at Ram Hill,  benefitted from two of the best days of the summer weatherwise. The combination of wonderful gardens, a popular plant sale, cream teas and live music performed by pianists and singers throughout both days, notably by the Chipping Sodbury and Yate Community Choirs conducted by Liz Martin ensured that visitors had an enjoyable afternoon and over £1,400 was raised for projects in the village.

So , again, a very big thank you to everyone who attended, as well as to the small army of helpers who put up marquees, set out tables and chairs, directed cars, served teas, donated plants, did the washing up, took down marquees, etc, etc . . .



As in previous years, a particular thank you is due to Danco who contributed two event marquees for the duration of the recital and the Open Garden Days

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